The Game Changing Stipple Brush

The Game Changing Stipple Brush

The Stipple Brush

The stipple brush is one that I’ve over looked lately, but it’s truly amazing. Apparently at some point I clearly thought I needed three of these in my life (and honestly it cuts down on having to wash a single brush as often) but really you only need one. This is a bole statement I know, but when used correctly the stipple brush is a game changer.

I’m sure you’ve seen them before, and perhaps even played around with the idea of buying one, or maybe you have one but perhaps you aren’t using it correctly!? Well, I’m here to tell you that this brush is awesome, and when used correctly it can apply the most wonderful natural looking colour to your cheeks. I also feel like the colour lasts longer on my face when I use a stipple brush – maybe it’s the process of the application or maybe its just the quality of the brush, but this brush makes the blush work harder than ever!

So if you have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about then here’s a little definition of what it means to ‘stipple’…..

Stipple: To mark (a surface) with numerous small dots or specks.

So how do I use it? Well, basically when you use this brush you don’t swirl or sweep the colour on to you face. You bounce the brush up and down creating little dots, and pushing the colour into your skin. The Stipple Brush

My favourite stipple brush is the MAC 187 brush. This works wonderfully with bronzers, creating the most natural sun kissed look, it’s also amazing for blusher – but if you use this incorrectly, by sweeping or swirling it will not look good. Trust me on that. If you have a stipple brush and you’ve been wondering why it makes the colour look dragged across your face, or perhaps it’s creating a bit of a dirty smudge look rather than a pretty blush – you’re probably using it incorrectly. Sorry.

The Stipple Brush

Now you know, whip it out and try again! I’m sure you’re going to love the results!

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  • Madeline Rose

    I own one, but I don’t really know how to use it. Generally I use it to blend a bit after putting the rest of my makeup up, but maybe I’ll try it on my new blushers!

    Madeline | Ring-a-Round a Rosey | Bloglovin’

    • annarach

      Yay do! Just remember it’s almost like poking it on to your skin ( lightly!)