The Summer Mix Up

The Summer Mix Up


Summer is a glorious time of sun, sea and skin that’s not the colour it was in Winter! Every Summer I used to find myself totally mind boggled about what to slap on my face. Tanning, either sunless or with the real deal (naughty) presents some problems in the make-up department. You simply can’t rely on your ‘winter’ face to work in summer, as the colours, the lighting – well just about everything is different in the warmer months. Introducing the summer mixology – otherwise known as – get your bases out and have a good mix up! After a lot of playing around, here’s my guide to what to coat ones skin with, during the toasty tanned phase our skin goes through….

1. Switch to a BB cream: These are lightweight bases and easy to pick up whatever your budget. They are normally so light that they will adapt to your skin tone making it look glowing and illuminated. Always use a powder though – no one likes a sweaty Betty. My favourite is the Marcelle BB Cream – a heavier, darker coloured coverage that’s perfect when you have a tan.

2. Get your moisturiser out: Before BB’s there were these things called tinted moisturisers.. long forgotten and gathering dust – like the dinosaurs of the beauty world, these products are almost extinct. So, why not make your own. Get your foundation and mix with a good glob of moisturiser to create a lighter fresher base. Powder your T-zone for less shine.

3. Mixology: Ah.. this is what we’re here for. The real deal mix up, that turns your ‘normal’ foundation into something quite different. Get yourself a ‘bronzing’ liquid / gel that you can mix in with your normal foundation. Adjust the quantities of each product accordingly then test on your face to make sure you get it right!  Check the colour in natural day light and voila! You have a new darker shade – perfect for bronzed skin. I  got a sample of this fab one in a mini size, a  Laura Mercier Bronzing Gel Samples’ are the perfect way to go. Ask for one at a beauty counter – it’s always better to try before you buy.. and they might just put it in a little pot perfect for you ( like they did for me)which is perfect for travelling!

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5. Foundation Mixology: Lastly you could buy a darker shade of your foundation or a budget one if you don’t want to dish out to much money, and mix those up to make the perfect shade!

Whatever you do, don’t try and make pale foundation work in summer. Unless you want to look like an Ompa Lompa – and that’s not cool.


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  1. carolyn
    18 July, 2014 / 8:21 am

    Love the idea of mixing bronzing gel with my foundation! I would normally just use bronzing powder but then I feel my face loses that dewy look and looks a bit too cakey.

    Love your blog, just followed you on bloglovin. 🙂

    • annarach
      3 August, 2014 / 6:32 pm

      Thanks so much Carolyn! I’ve been using this trick all summer and it works wonders! You just have to get the ratio correct and apply in good lighting 🙂