The Summer Ready Guide

The Summer Ready Guide

With baby FL making an appearance anytime soon, it’s safe to say that a summer holiday isn’t on the cards for me this year! It’s weird to think that I’m not gearing up to get summer ready and jet off , especially when all the shops are having such great summer sales when  I would normally bag a bargain or two. We’re having a little bit of a (dare I whisper it..) ‘summer’ in London right now and quite frankly, it’s too darn hot for this preggo gal. I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade but this heat for me equals night sweats and a huge pregnant belly – not ideal. So, here I am wistfully thinking about all the things I would normally be doing to get summer ready and will hopefully be doing next year, with a little bundle of joy in tow!

Your summer-ready beauty checklist!

1. Lashes – I would normally get eyelash extensions done before I go on holiday because it’s such a fuss-free way of looking glam – sans make-up. I love getting blue lash extensions on the outer corners for a little flash of colour that will make everyone think you’ve got make-up on. Perfect for a make-up free beach day! Go for long lasting extensions at a place you can trust. If the price sounds too good to be true, it probably is and most likely they’re using cheap glue. Don’t scrimp when it comes to something that’s going to be near your eyes. Get your lashes done 4 days before your holiday!

2. Nails – I always love a mani – pedi before going on holiday and I would normally choose shellac, which is a longer lasting chip resistant alternative to normal polish. If you’re doing shellac you can have this done up to 3 days before your holiday, as it will last and it will look glossy all holiday long. For normal polish, I would do this the day before your holiday and make sure you pack the same colour to take with you, in case of any chip emergencies!

3. Hair Removal  – Ok, it’s not a glamorous topic, but it must be done. No one likes a shock or peach fuzz (or worse) glaring at them in the light of the unforgiving sun. If you want summer ready skin, ditch the razor and hair removal creams and go for waxing instead. It’s less hassle, it lasts longer and you’ll feel way more confident in your bikini. Book in with a professional 2 days before you go away to let any bumps die down. Remember to pack an ingrown hair treatment and mini waxing strips for strays you don’t spot – just in case!

4. Fake Tan – If I’m heading to the beach I always get a fake tan before I go. For some of you lucky folks, you can slather on an at home tanning product and voila… you’re a bronzed goddess! Unfortunately for me,  I need a whole lot more help to be summer ready! I’ve got to go pro with my fake tan because I just can’t get it streak free on my own.  I always let get a spray tan done with a beauty therapist who can precisely spray where the tan needs to go. The results are a gorgeous all over tan – simply, quick and easy… although you’ll smell like cookies for a day, but who’s complaining! Book early in the morning the 1 day before your holiday.

Beauty checklist – done. Now all you need to do is decide what to cram into your suitcase, hop on a plane and kick back on the beach. All I ask is that you have a poolside cocktail for me. You lucky ducky. I’m really not jealous or anything!


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