The Sunday Session

The Sunday Session

Week 2

So another week of January has come and gone and I finally feel like spring is on the horizon. A little optimistic? Perhaps, but today it was light at 4:30. Four thirty people! Oh, M, freakin gee, to me that means spring is coming and that means it’s practically summer! It was such a busy and hectic week, I really  couldn’t wait for the weekend to come along – especially when tiredness seems to rear its ugly head so much when it’s so dark outside. This week I’ve been thinking lots about getting in shape and staying healthy… and dreaming of delicious cakes like the one above! But really, a summer body is made in winter and with handy work outs on line it’s not as hard as you might think!

Here are some of the things I’ve been loving and  clicking through this week…

1.There are so many top tips about getting rid of cellulite, but I think that this article from Honestly Healthy has some great suggestions!

2. Can’t make it to the gym but want to master a ‘belfie’ to rival Kim Khardashians? I’ve got you. This video should definitely do the trick…I’m not sure how often you need to do it for a killer booty, but the promise of getting a great bum in 8 minutes is perfect!

3. I’ve got my eye on these trainers for spring!

4. What I’m about to tell you is absolutely mad, but I don’t own any make-up from Charlotte Tilbury. Phew… and there you have the truth. I know… its’ truly shocking. The lust is there of course, but in the name of trying to not spend every penny I have on cosmetics I’ve held out. Still I love that they have ‘looks’ that you can buy every single product for and I can feel a purchase for this make-up look coming on soon. Very soon!

5. I love delicate bracelets recently and this gorgeous offering really is so pretty and unique!

*Image via We Heart It 



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