5 Top Beauty Tips for Allergy Sufferers

5 Top Beauty Tips for Allergy Sufferers


If you’ve  been sneezing, itching and rubbing your eyes today, there’s a very good reason. Today, June 22nd was Hay Day, traditionally known as the worst day for grass pollen and a day sufferers dread –  for very good reason! I absolutely love the summer and warmer weather as much as the next person, but being allergic to a lot of things (especially pollen) I too suffer from all the not so attractive side effects.

According to a recent survey by Zyrtec, 91 percent of female allergy  sufferers admit to experiencing Allergy Face – beauty challenges like watery eyes, a red nose or puffiness – during allergy season. Luckily, Zyrtec and celebrity make-up artist Jamie Greenberg  have teamed up to bring you and I some must have beauty advice on how to deal with the dreaded ‘allergy face’ and survive the summer, without turning into a sniffling mess. All hail!

Here’s Jamie’s Top 5 Beauty Tips for Allergy Sufferers…..

  1. This spring is all about simplicity and pastels are totally on-trend this year. Apply light pastels and iridescent shades to the full eyelid which will help detract from watery eyes.
  2. Embrace a bold lip. Go with a bold fuschia or a hot coral that will help take the focus away from watery eyes and puffiness.
  3. When suffering from Allergy Face – watery eyes, a red nose or puffiness – being able to transform your spring-friendly looks for a daytime or night time outdoor occasion is key. Go with a timeless smokey eye that’s suitable for every day wear or a night time event. Add some faux lashes and you can take this look out for a night on the town!
  4. When applying bronzer, contouring is the perfect tool for counteracting the appearance of puffiness
  5. Lastly, if you’re not in the mood to wear a lot of makeup, be sure to at least fill in your brows for a fuller look that will help frame your face and move attention away from puffy areas and watery eyes

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