The Traveller Returns from Japan

The Traveller Returns from Japan


It was always a dream of mine to visit Japan. I’ve wanted to go for so long, so as soon as I moved back to the UK (got some wonderful UK holidays again) the world became accessible once more! I booked the Classic Japan intrepid trip with a £1 deposit back in December and the rest is history.


I discovered and learnt so much more about Japan then I ever thought I would. I knew I would love it, but I never realised how incredibly rich in culture the country is, how beautiful, how warm and welcoming the people are and how safe, yet exciting it would feel. How people actually do wear Kimono’s our and about on a normal day.  It’s a place with so many paradoxes. With maddeningly difficult areas to navigate ( jeez Tokyo) yet incredibly easy to find your way. There’s always someone eager to point you in the right direction.


I want to tell you about everything, but It’s so hard to know where to begin! We visited so many places and had such diverse experiences in all of them. So, what I’ll probably do is bombard you with my holiday snaps. At least for a couple of days or two! You don’t mind right.. then back to some long lost beauty posts.

IMG_6122 IMG_6076

The food was absolutely incredible and shockingly cheap. I paid £3.90 for 7 plates of sushi in Tokyo. London sushi prices actually make me want to weep in comparison. The only downside is that Japanese food will never be the same again!


Places visited: Kyoto, Mt Koya San, Hiroshima, Himeji Castle, Tsumago, Matsumoto, Tokyo

So I’m back with a suitcase stuffed full of goodies ( oh the shopping!) a camera full of wonderful snaps and with the risk of sounding super cheesy – a boat load a fantastic memories.

If you’re thinking about going to Japan – do it.

It’s incredible!

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