The Ultimate Summer Scent

The Ultimate Summer Scent

summer perfumeBesides gorgeous looking shoes, Jimmy Choo offers up a really beautiful perfume. I’ve loved them ever since I had my first spritz of the original perfume and now friends, I’ve found the ultimate scent of summer. It’s none other than Jimmy Choo’s Exotic Eau De Toilette limited edition (sob) that smells like summer in a bottle. DSC05790

From the bright iconic snakeskin print box, to the vivid green bottle, everything about this perfume screams distant exotic shores. Which is useful if you’re bored of your surroundings! Feel a world away as you smell this fruity perfume… one spray of this and you’re just a cocktail from imagining you’re on a glorious white beach. That’ll be the blackcurrant sorbet and pink grapefruit, with a heart of tiger orchid and passion flower – divine. Complete with notes of exuberant patchouli and gourmand raspberry, this fragrance is just beautiful and I’m sure this will be your ultimate summer scent too!


The best part is, I saw Jimmy Choo Exotic recently in the airport for just £35 –  which is an absolute bargain and will see you through the summer months! So who cares if you can’t get your hands on their killer heels, this addictive summer ready perfume will give you the luxe feeling without straining your wallet.


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