The Ultimate Travel Brush Kit


As much as I love to travel, I’m seriously not ‘down‘ with packing. These are the times I long for a personal assistant.. am I right! Or anyone to just pack my stuff for me. Mum? It’s more the decision making that’s impossible. Just like you select your clothes based on your destination and what you’re doing, I do the same with make-up and make-up brushes. Big occasion on the cards? You’re definitely going to need something glittery and an eye liner or two. Then there’s the bold lip choices and your casual day time face, and all the products that go with it. Before you know it, you’re explaining to airport staff that your bag is so heavy due to 2 kilo’s of make-up you couldn’t whittle down. True Story. So when I clapped my eyes on this darling turquoise, animal friendly make-up brush kit, from the master of make-up brushes – Sigma – it just had to be mine.

DSC05597 DSC05598

This is the perfect no brainer travel brush kit. No thinking needed in packing this beaut. Housed in a lovely yet practical tube, that also works as two brush holders, this literally has everything you need to complete your perfect look and achieve ( the holy grail) aka. flawless make-up! Plus it’s pretty light weight, space saving and will keep your brushes out of harms way. Vegans will also delight as the Bunny Collection is completely cruelty free, as they’re made from synthetic fibers.


Thankfully Sigma ships worldwide, so I can build up my winning brush collection even though I’m now back in the UK. Result. All I need to do now is pack clothes, toiletries, shoes, coats, scarves……

Sigma Beauty: Brush Collections

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