The update & My week(s) in pictures # 2!

My lovely readers, I must apologize! It would appear that I had fallen off the face of the planet, and without a peep I disappeared. Rude. Well I can assure you, while I was out of action making my way over to Florida, and minus internet *gasp* when I got here….. I missed you terribly. Promise.

Don’t you worry your gorgeous selves anymore though, because I have internet, I have a new camera, and to celebrate all of that, I decided to give my blog a little make-over… I hope you like! It’s only fair the blog gets a little change of wardrobe from time to time.

As a little update on my recent happenings, here are some picture of some of the things I’ve been up to. Goodbye dinners, cinema dates and lots of running around, basically a little insight into the world of moi. After that we are back on track people. I have a lot of beauty happenings to be babbling about, watch out peeps, I’m back and the computer is on fire! Whoop!

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