The Week #1

It’s the first Sunday of 2014 y’all, and those with a keen eye will notice I’ve renamed this post ‘The Week.’ I’m bringing it back to numero uno, because who can keep track of all the weeks I’ve posted so far! Not this gal. So, 2014 week one – How was it for you? I always find that we start the year off feeling ‘different’ and then very quickly everything becomes normal, the fairy lights come down, and things become a little dull *sad face* I ended 2014 with an extremely fun packed 10 days, and now it’s back to reality. So with that in mind, this month I’ll be focusing on things we can do to make January brighter, stay positive and celebrate the start of a year filled with possibilities!

This Week:

* I loved reading this post from the lovely Style Cusp about the best apps you need now for your business and blog. I have to stay I’m loving Dropbox and Evernote already!

*I adore this amazing hot pink playsuit modeled by the lovely Liana. January’s not the best time to be dropping the cash, but I think I may have to make an exception for this beauty!

* I went to see the movie The Wolf of Wall Street, and it is real good. I know it’s supposed to make us think about how morally wrong that guy was, but I’ve got to tell ya, it kind of made me want to become a stock broker! Ha!

* I found a great DIY lip scrub that will curb any beauty cravings you may have, but is also super friendly on the wallet. January likes that! Check it out over on the wonderful VMac & Cheese.

Have a wonderful week!

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