The Week #11

The light evenings are quite the treat since the clocks went back here in Florida a few weeks ago, but I gotta say, the mornings are still pretty painful. The dark early starts are pretty tough on the system, meaning post work I literally want to go home and do nothing, but I’m putting a stop to that and exercise is going to commence this week. Bikini season is just around the corner ladies! Have you done your ‘no make-up selfie yet to raise awareness for Cancer Research! I’ve done mine … now show me yours!!  Get involved ladies and let helps raise awareness for a great cause. Here’s little cheat for you – take it in front of a window. Natural day light will make you look a whole lot better! I’ve also got a little sneak peek of the new Topshop beauty campaign. I’m going to be creating a ‘look’ with these gorgeous products so watch this space!

This week:

* I love the look of this incredible Ciate Nail Lab Oh it’s so beautiful, just think of all the designs you could create with this baby! Nail dreams people… nail dreams!

* This post on Spring must haves has definitely inspired me to do a little (much needed) wardrobe over haul.. I can feel the pastels calling my name.

* I’m going to be trying out this new exercise class to get in shape called Purre Barre. As an ex-stage school ballet kid, I’m hoping this will kick the booty back in to shape!

* I love the look of this amazing Smashbox palette. It’s definitely one to rival a Naked Palette – there I said it – SO many wearable neutrals. Dreamy.

Have a wonderful week!

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