The Week #12


Every now and again my Sagittarius nature rears up and niggles at me. Right now it wants to book a trip (that’s the traveler aspect of us) and it is literally making me obsessed with the idea of traveling to a far off land,  and having an adventure! My head is spinning with thoughts of Thailand, Bali and Japan… please will someone take me!?

This week:

*I’ve been loving this blog for work wear ideas for us petite gals. Check it out for the ultimate in  outfit inspiration.

*While I’ve been fixated with changing up my entire wardrobe ( I have nothing to wear!) I’ve been checking out some beautiful things on the Topshop website. It’s just fashion goodness and oh so swoon worthy.  I love this dress for a summer wedding or prom. I’m also loving this stunning 60’s white dress – so elegant and easy to wear!
* I’ve added this entire list to my ‘must visit places’ in New York to eat at. Slowly I’m going to work my way through this epic list one delicious meal at a time!
* I’ve been totally obsessed with this song from New Politics – Stuck on You. It’s so beautiful and honestly makes me want to listen to it over and over again. I couldn’t find an official video on You Tube, but here’s a video where you can listen to the song! Do it, it’s amazing!
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