The Week #13


The weekend’s, as fleeting as they can be, have been great lately! Today I caught up with some other blogging lovelies, and it reminded me how wonderful it is to be around like minded people. To talk about all things beauty and be totally on the same page.

I also spent the weekend doing small things I normally find (the idea of) annoying like getting pictures printed – sure I was in CVS for about an 1hr trying to figure out how to work their picture machine, but at the end of it I’m so happy as I’ve now got my wedding pictures, the correct size and picture’s of our honeymoon framed. I love it! Only a year and a half late, but it’s wonderful to finally have frames with photos in, rather than blank spaces on the wall. Not pinterest worthy at all.  This week it’s all about doing small things that will put a smile on your face, like buying some flowers, watching your favorite show, or like me framing those pictures you never get around to doing! Do something that will make you happy!

This week I…

• Loved this post from the oh so stylish Hallie over at Corals & Cognacs – she’s trying out the new Clarins Serum  –  like a true beauty queen she’s also obsessed with good skin care. Pat on the back girl! If you look at her pictures carefully you may just spot a blinged up Vaseline. Oh. How. Adorable.

• I was a bit obsessed over this Cult Lipstickarticle – the list of my ‘must buy’ make-up products grows rapidly on the notes in my phone. Oh dear.

• I found this Buzz Feed quizz that’s sure to keep you a little distracted at work – (always a good thing from time to time) Let’s get real and find out how many first world problems we have! #champagneproblems

•I’ve had my eye on this cute pansy smock from Topshop which would be perfect dressed up with some heels for work with a cute blazer, or some flats at the weekend. This crocheted Kate Moss dress is also totally dreamy – someone take me shopping now!

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  • I had so much fun on Saturday!!

  • Shannon

    I love this quote. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  • Terri Shaw

    I love, Love, LOVE the quote! Great post! Thank you for sharing.