The Week #14

So Happy Easter! What’s left of it anyway! I hope you had a wonderful day, whether you stuffed your face with chocolate or did something more productive ( I made a toffee apple crumble!) The weekend literally seems to fly by lately, but I have to say Game of Thrones has made me look forward to Sunday’s! Plus I’ve been on it with my Purre Barre workouts at the weekend, and I think I may just be seeing results. This work out is amazing FYI! I’m sure if I was also dieting I would see results even faster. Curse on you Trader Joes Truffle cheese!

This Week:

* I loved this post about how to make your own lip balm. I’ve got a mini tin of Altoids that I know just what to do with once I’ve eaten them all!

* I decided it’s time to do some Game of Thrones home work. I think that this site will be just the ticket to some much needed revision!

* I was so excited that D&G have brought out a new line of make-up – very keen to try out this stash of beauty goodness.

*I’ve been on what seems like the never ending hunt for new more grown up, office appropriate clothes, cos you just can’t rock daisy dukes to the office! The Sezane brand has some pretty spot on classic items that fit perfectly with what I’m going for. I’ve also been loving the Extra Petite blog written by the effortlessly style Jean, for inspiration for outfits – a petite gal like me. It’s all about classic items that you can pair with different pieces. Easy said then done though!

Have a wonderful week!

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