The Week #16


Happy Sunday everyone, I hope you had a wonderful weekend! It’s been a little while since I did a catch up of what I’ve been up to lately so this is a quick ‘hey, how are you‘ kind of post! I’m so happy you’ve all been loving the giveaways – now I know you like them, I will try and do them on a regular basis!

As you may guess from the picture I am off home to London England next weekend and I couldn’t be more excited…. please forgive the blog being a tad quiet whilst I decide which beauty products make the cut on a trip to the UK and Greece (a tough challenge for all beauty junkies!) Personally, I hate packing – I’m literally the worst at it and I always forget something…. but armed with a packing app, and getting ready a good two weeks early, I’m hoping this time is going to be different! Get ready for London beauty posts coming soon….

Have a wonderful week and remember you can still enter the giveaways! The Amazon one has it’s own page under the heading of my blog, and the Ulta giveaway is the previous post to this one… good luck!

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  • Michelle Salais

    HAve a wonderful time going back home. And what’s the packing app called that you’re using?

    • Thanks Michelle! It’s called Packing Pro – it’s pretty intense, but good for people like me who always forget things!

      • Michelle Salais

        Okay! Thanks so much!

  • MichaelPerkins

    Wife has been to europe, on the list..

  • Terri Shaw

    I’ve always wanted to go to London. Thank you for sharing.

  • TrishFr

    Oh you lucky lady. England and Greece! Wow, have a great trip. I can’t wait to read all about it.

  • Shylo57

    I have always wanted to visit London, but sonce that is very lively not going to happen due to health issues, I live my dream through others experiences! Thank you for blogging!

  • Vasilis Zw

    wish you a great time in Greece!!

  • Shannon

    Have a great time! Take lots of pics.

  • Thanks everyone!

  • April Farley

    I would say have a beautiful time but I know you are ! It is London! I will say get some great pics to share!

  • Tia C

    I’ve always wanted to go to London, but now I’d just roam around, looking for Benedict Cumberbatch or Richard Armitage, lol. Hope you have loads of fun!

  • Evelyn Chuter

    You lucky lady. I would love to go to London! Even more I’d give up a body part to go to Greece. I would love nothing more than traveling to foreign countries.

  • Kate F.

    I’d love to go to London right now! Have a safe trip.

  • MichaelPerkins

    Wife would love to visit Europe again.

  • brittneykp

    I lived in London for a year, and I miss it!! Have fun.