The Week #2

I should really re-name this ‘the week’ without photos. Sorry. With colds doing their worst to what seems like everyone now, this week has been quiet, with not many outings to be had, but the general theme has been ‘let’s get healthy’. How novel for January! Ha! I’m adding in the green juices, switching to Almond milk, and generally trying to make a few changes to get 2014 off to a great start!

This Week:

* I went to watch Anchorman 2 at the cinema and loved it! It’s Ron Burgundy at his finest, and yes just as totally silly and fabulous as the original!

* If you ever thought about starting your own beauty blog don’t miss this guide from the ever so popular Lily. She’s got a whole You Tube channel with plenty of other hints and tips so don’t miss it!

* I found this amazing post about all the top ingredients to avoid in beauty products. It’s incredibly interesting, and will make you a savy label reader in no time.

* My New Roots has once again conjured up another stunning recipe that I’ll definitely be trying. It’s an ‘oven soup’ with chickpea croutons. Now that sounds healthy and delish. Yes please.

Have a wonderful week!

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