The Week #3

Hello everyone, how’s your January going? This month was supposed to be all about feeling good, but having been recently inspired, I’m going to take it back even further. I’m going to go out there and say, sometimes its just tricky to live in the present moment, and not worry about what’s coming next. I think it takes a very conscious effort not to be hard on yourself, or make yourself feel guilty if you aren’t going to the gym every day, or not eating as healthily as you’d like to, or you have no idea where you’ll be in a years time.

Life’s uncertainty can so often be maddening, but it’s up to us, not to let our minds get the better of us, and instead try and be at peace with the situation. I’ve started to take things back to the beginning, and list all the things that I’m grateful for every day. This helps me to get back to the present, and appreciate the blessings I do have. If you’re feeling a little bit of the January blues, I dare you to try it, it really helps. Oh, and read the article I’ve linked below – it’s awesome!

This week;

* I came across an amazing article (mentioned above) that really resonated with me.  It was basically about being ‘stuck’ and how in the world of blogging, we can often be convinced that everyone is living a more successful life than we are, that everything should be perfect, and that we should all be incredibly happy. I loved this article as it was so honest and so true. It was especially beautiful as it was very revealing about how we can mask our own emotions and feelings, and feel guilty to admit the way we really feel. Sometimes we can all feel a bit ‘stuck,’ and sometimes we just feel darn right lost. If you’re feeling any of these things right now, you should definitely check out this wonderful post by Victoria.

* I found this incredible looking recipes for home made vanilla Oreos. Can you even imagine how incredible they would taste? Oh em gee!

* If you’re planning a wedding right now, and are in need of some amazing, oh so gorgeous, style inspiration, I urge you to check out this site. The dresses and styling are totally romantic and dreamy, and it really makes me want another wedding. Ha!

* I’m really loving this fashion and style blog; We Wore What for it’s incredible eye candy of New York city *swoon* and effortlessly stylish fashion choices. I’m sure my fashionistas out there will probably be familiar with this gal already, but if not check her out!

Have an amazing week x0x0

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