The Week #8

I’ve been in New York for the past couples of days, which was incredibly fun, but now I’m back to the warmth of Florida I can truly say it was gosh darn cold up there! I actually don’t think I’ve experienced cold like it before in my life. While I was there I happened to lose my phone, and after calling it  a few times that night (the battery had died), I though it was ‘lost in New York’ never to be seen again. People say its a tough city right? Well, sometimes you just have to have a little faith in humanity.

A wonderful girl ‘The Angel of New York’ found my phone, charged it, then spent hours trying to find people who knew me on Instagram and Facebook to try and reach out to me, to tell me that she had found it.  She returned my phone to me fully charged and in perfect condition! What a super star! I’m sure that she will never read this, but  I just think that it’s worth saying… I’m eternally grateful. Not just for my phone being returned, which I guess could be seen as a materialistic thing to be upset about losing ( but c’mon who wouldn’t be upset – the hours of man power alone, that went in to downloading those apps!! ha ha!)

I’m grateful for the human kindness and compassion that exists in this world. People can be intrinsically good, and there are good souls everywhere. Thank you!

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