The Week #9


I used to really dislike Sundays. For me, they were the worst. It was all about “catching up with homework,” and “getting ready for school” and the boys in the family watching (what felt like) endless hours of football. Then there was the roast dinner. I am that rare breed of person that hates a roast, honestly there is nothing about it I like at all. Maybe because I don’t eat meat, but the whole thing is lost on me. There was nothing fun about a Sunday.

Now as an adult, I try and make Sundays’ Fun days!¬† Some of my favourite things to do are going to watch an amazing movie, going out for lunch or brunch (with mimosas please), or walking with my dogs in a beautiful park. It’s awesome. After a very busy and exhausting week ( my body is still adapting to very early mornings!) I’m happy to say I adore my job, but I’m also loving the weekend a lot right now. Here’s to the freakin’ weekend, and the next one will be spent in Miami. Wooo¬† hooo! Pictures as promised.

This week:

* I literally laughed out loud at this incredible Buzz Feed post, you need to check it out here if you want to feel oh so much better about yourself!

* I loved reading the account of this girls Oscar experience. She’s Jennifer Lawrence’s best friend, and her tell all depiction of what would appear to be the most glamorous night ever is so funny and honest.

* This week I’m loving the french stripes of this cute Parisian look. I’m thinking this would be the perfect spring look.

* I’m going to buy this lovely dress for a wedding that I’m going to be a bridesmaid in! This is a pretty great site if you need a slightly more formal dress but don’t want so spend too much.

Have a wonderful week!

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