Three Steps to Stress Less….

It’s the bane of the modern world, yet a word that we throw about continuously, and evidently for good reason. We’ve all been there, we all know how it feels. Life can be crazy, people can be crazier, and merge them  together, tensions, will usually, evidently happen. As Ned Flanders would put it, stress is a “murdiddlyerder!”

I think most of us know how to handle the things that stress us out, and no one can ever underestimate the stress of their fellow human, but the problem is, do we actually get the time, to do the things to calm us down, from the emotions that stress has caused. *Phew* Most probably not. My favorite thing to do, to totally remove myself from my often (nutty) mind, is to go and watch a movie. For me, a movie removes me from everything, and leaves me calm and collected. I love that movies are often cathartic, inspiring, and problems seem easier to deal with after. Now, I can’t get to the cinema as regularly as I used to, but thankfully I’ve found yoga which is undeniably amazing, and makes me feel supper mellow man.

When we can’t get to do the things we need to, to chill out, we need some at home go-to’s to take the edge off… Here’s my 3 stress less products!

Sleep and stress don’t normally get along, like old enemies one has an issue with the other, and it never get’s old. My go to, to sort this little problemo out is This Works – Deep Sleep Pillow Spray which once sprayed on your pillow, will help you drift off to never never land in no time. It’s all natural, infused with essential oils such as Lavender and Camomile to fragrantly help you drift off to a beautiful night’s sleep.  LOVE.

When you get home from a challenging day you need to immediately burn a…. wait for it….candle.  This Stress Relief candle from Bath and Body Works, is scented with Eucalyptus  essential oil to clear your mind, and spearmint to lift your spirit. It smells pretty musky, almost like a man’s cologne, but it really does help to make one feel rather relaxed, and you know what they say about looking into a flame don’t you? You see your future – just kidding – but I think you can become hypnotized. Sleep – hypnotized – same, same but different!
For a little night cap, you need to make yourself a lovely glass of Serenity from the Clean and Lean Healthy Life Company –Bodyism. I first read about this drink in a Bride’s Magazine, to calm all us Bridezilla’s out there, and I’ll tell ya, it worked pretty well, I only had about two melt downs! I really love this product as you drink it before bedtime, to help combat stress, and make you feel relaxed and calm before you sleep. It also helps to encourage optimum health, as it’s packed full of herbs that help lower anxiety levels, and combat the hormone Cortisol that makes you gain weight on your tummy. Score. The calcium and magnesium also help you have a restful nights sleep, whilst the liquorice root, and rosemary helps with antiviral and antidepressant activity. Plus it tastes like chocolate, need I say more?

I’ll leave you with the companies quote, which I think is super cute:

Sleep now you beautiful thing. Everything can wait and it’s all OK. We need the best of you so wake up amazing.

That alone made me want to buy everything the company sells – sad or super chilled and relaxed? Hmmmm… now off to bed with you!

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