Three Ways to Create ‘Beachy’ Waves

beach1Beach waves can be as low maintenance, or as high maintenance as your hair demands.  Low maintenance would obviously be; go to the beach, get in the sea, dip your locks in said sea, out you get. Ah, wouldn’t that be nice.  Sadly it’s not really the case, and if you have particularly difficult hair like me, there is NO WAY you would ever go to the beach without a hair band. EVER.

No worries though, you don’t even have to leave your house to get these beach waves, as I’ve done a tutorial showing you how to achieve them using 3 methods or steps. If you have wavy *compliant* hair, you may only need to do step one, if your hair is poker straight you will probably need to do all 3 steps, and if your hair is a frizzy nightmare, all 3 steps are mandatory. Sorry.  The sea salt spray I’m using is from the brand ‘Not your mothers’ and it’s called Beach Babe texturizing sea salt spray. If you missed my post on this last week, catch it here

I also use an anti- frizz or humidity cream, as I’m in a hot climate, and my hair would triple in size if I stepped out without it. I like using Garnier Fructis Style, Anti-Humidity Smoothing Milk, but you can use any you like. Finally I always reach for my Remington Hot Wand, but tongs or a hot brush would work just as well.

  • Start with clean damp hair, spritz in your sea salt spray and comb through. If you are using Anti- Humidity cream you will want to apply this before the sea salt spray.


  • If you have very manageable wavy hair, this might be the only step you need! Just comb your fingers through your hair once it’s dry to separate waves, give a final spritz of sea salt, and scrunch your hair into your hands.  You can also use a diffuser, or apply low heat from a hair dryer.


  • If your hair isn’t wavy, or doesn’t hold a wave for long, twist your hair as above, and clip up on to the head. You can do this in random sections, or all over the head. You can also apply low heat on to the hair to intensify the curl, and make the hair dry faster.beach4
  • Depending on your hair type, you could do this step when your hair is dry if you prefer( skipping steps 1 & 2), and just spritz on sea salt spray before and after curling. If you have straight or frizzy hair, you will probably want to do the above 2 steps though, then take random sections of hair, and curl it. Remember it’s beach waves, its not supposed to look perfectly styled, so don’t curl your entire head! After you’ve finished curling, run your fingers through your hair to separate curls and make them look more like waves. If you have frizzy hair you may want to apply a little more anti- humidity cream now!

‘Beachy’ waves are undeniably trickier to achieve if you have shorter her like me, so if you have long locks I’m sure this will be a breeze for you. Don’t be put off my short haired ladies, it is doable. I like to pin half of my hair up when I’m rockin’ beach waves, as I don’t trust my hair in the humidity- I live in Florida, so it’s a whole other level of humidity here!:)I hope you liked this tutorial, and give beach waves a go, with three steps to choose from, I’m sure one of them will work for you!

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