My Top 5 Health Food Bloggers

healty food bloggers

When I first started to get into blogging and reading other peoples blogs, I quickly became obsessed with food bloggers. I don’t discriminate between healthy food bloggers and gosh darn indulgent food bloggers, but I think my time in America definitely made me more health conscious. So, I started to gravitate towards vegan and vegetarian food blogs to begin with. It’s quite the education, but I love learning about how food has a direct impact on your body and the way you look and feel. Plus it’s good to know that avocados not only taste delish, but they’re oh so good for you. All hail guacamole!

One of the main things I love about food bloggers is the stories they tell. The way food is such an intrinsic part of daily life and how cooking is so much more than eating. Feeding your body and being healthy is everything. I’m not gonna lie – I’ve had a few epic fails when it comes to vegan / vegetarian cooking… but I try. That’s the main thing, right?! These are my top 5 favourite healthy food bloggers, for reasons I will explain…..

1. Earth Sprout

Oh Elenore, where to begin. This gal literally makes me wanna move to the Sweedish coast line, plant vegetables and hug trees. Not necessarily in that order.  Her little family is absolutely adorable, while her writing is incredibly moving, genuine and heartfelt. Not to mention her dreamy photography. Not only does she explain exactly what food can do for your body and soul, she shares her own life story, which I personally think is amazing. What a superwoman, despite what she claims in this post!

2. My New Roots

Sarah and Elenore (aka the Earthsprout) are besties. Don’t you just love that! Elenore, loved Sarah’s blog, commented on her posts and then they struck a friendship! How great is the internet. PS. I promise I’m not a stalker!  Again, the story telling and incredible photography on this blog is my fave. These are some serious gourmet healthy food recipes to impress even the most resistant of folk. Plus she has a lot of healthy yet indulgent looking versions of the ‘regular’ foods you know and love.

3. My Green Kitchen Stories

Green Kitchen Stories is the work of husband, wife, and little bubba – David, Luise and Elsa. This adorable family is based in Stockholm and cook up a storm in the kitchen. Probably one of the most accessible of the ‘health’ food blogs as the recipes are simple enough to follow and they also eat cheese. A thumbs up from me. The vegetarian lasagne is totally amazing. Plus they’ll admit to eating chocolate, wheat pasta and ice cream from time to time, so you don’t feel so bad if you’re not as ‘healthy’ as they are!

4. Deliciously Ella

Now I’m sure this gal doesn’t need any introduction. Her book has been a number one best seller on Amazon for weeks and she’s probably one of the most famous bloggers in the UK to shine a light on eating healthily. I started reading her blog about two years ago after finding it through My Green Kitchen Stories – see, us bloggers have to link love! No ‘weird’ ingredients here. Just simple, wholesome food. Ella is just so beautiful and definitely makes a great poster girl for this way of eating!

5. Golubka

The photography on this blog is so beautiful, I literally want to reach into the computer to gobble up everything. Not only is this blog so visually appealing, they look at eating in this way and making food healthy as a culinary challenge, not as a punishment. They make so amazingly impressive food that would surpass the expectations of anyone who thinks being a vegetarian or vegan is boring! A bit more technical but definitely worth a try.


Do you have any favourite health food bloggers?

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