Hello New Year!


Firstly, Happy New Year!! It’s 2015 baby! O M freakin G… I can hardly believe how quickly this year has flown by. It’s as if once February rolled around, it was all steam ahead for the end of the year. And there it is. The true sign of getting older! Last year I was in Florida, this year in London, life is peanuts! As does everyone, I’ve got a couple of new years resolutions up my sleeve. I desperately want to go to Japan in 2015 and also to blog once every week day for the entire year. It’s bold. It’s brazen even, but let’s hope this new years’ resolution is one that I can stick too!

The thing that I think is so incredible about new year, is that it’s such a collectively shared experience. It’s not religious, it’s not opinion based, you can’t argue for it or against it –  it’s  just purely the entire world recognising the passing of time. A way to feel cleansed and renewed for a new year, that’s full of possibilities.

I feel like we have the choice to constantly re-invent ourselves every single day, not just on the first day of a new year (or the last night of an old one.) Whether you had the most glamorous of New Years Eve’s, or you simply stayed in, dressed in PJ’s infront of the TV. The magic of life is ready for the taking, no matter what you got up to when the clock struck midnight. I hope you had a wonderful evening and will have an even better year ahead of you. Happy New Year and thank you for reading my little blog. I appreciate and love every single reader! All I  hope is that I can make you smile every once in a while 🙂

Cheers to a fabulous 2015!! *raises champagne glass*

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