Two Steps to Baby Soft Feet!

Two Steps to Baby Soft Feet!

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Before you moan and groan and tell me that it’s still winter¬†and that your feet are nice and snug hiding in your UGGS, hear me out. Firstly, winter is no excuse to let your feet turn into hooves. No excuse. Think of it like cleaning. If you do a little bit every day, you don’t need to do a snoresville full on clean all day Saturday. Now that would just be hellishly dull. Achieving the softest feet goes by the same principles. Maintain throughout the year, and come summertime you will have the prettiest tootsies out there. For real.

These two steps are so simple, so effective, so inexpensive and I guarantee it will make your feet super soft. Now what’s not to love about that!?

Step 1: Grab yourself a pumice from anywhere! This should set you back no more than $3 – now all you have to do is use this briefly every time you shower.¬† Simples. If you forget every other day is OK too. Or if you’re super lazy about that kind of stuff once a week would suffice.

Step 2: Snap up a tube of Aquaphor healing ointment- Advanced Therapy. This stuff is pure magic and is the vital step in the baby soft feet mission. Slap this on after you shower. I like to put on socks and sleep with this on.

Done! This is the quickest easiest way to get the softest feet ever! You can thank me in Summer when people don’t recoil at the sight of your feet. You’re welcome!

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