How to update your skin care routine from “meh” to “amazing”


Hello my lovelies! Today I’m bringing you a guest post from the oh so fabulous beauty guru Audrey, from Vain Pursuits. Audrey is a skincare nut turned blogger, who won’t leave the house without moisturizer. She specializes in personalized skincare during the day (and bad reality TV at night.) Find out why she thinks you should break up with your cheating skincare products on her blog, Vain Pursuits.

How do you feel about your current skincare – perfect, alright, or just plain awful? Chances are, your routine sits somewhere in the middle. Sure, your skin’s not ready to be in any facewash commercials, but it’s way better than it was in high school, right? The truth is most people don’t find skincare as fun as makeup, so they put in just enough effort to pass, and move on from there.


I was plagued with an alright skincare system for years, before realizing there were simple things you could do to update your skin care from “meh” to “amazing.” Avoiding rookie mistakes, making sure your products are in the right order, and using the right ingredients are really all you need to make a smooth transition while taking your skin to the next level! And psst, a little secret: skincare becomes fun once you start to see results.


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A few no-no’s before we start.

Be careful with your DIY remedies, and avoid using acidic foods like lemon or tomatoes on your face. Baking soda & lemon has been making the rounds recently, but don’t be tempted! This cocktail dramatically lowers your skin’s pH levels, which can severely dry out your skin. “Dermatologist recommended” is not a guarantee that a product will work – remember, everybody’s skin is different, and just because it worked for someone else doesn’t mean it will work for you! Finally, remember that not all pricey products are made equal. Beyond the pretty packaging, what really matters in a skincare product are the ingredients inside. Do your homework on ingredients that will work for your skin (or have someone else do it for you) to get the most of every dollar.


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Ever wonder if you were applying your products in the right steps?
Here’s the recommended order for a good skincare routine.

1.Cleanse: Always wash your hands before cleansing to avoid bringing bacteria to your face. Cleansers are supposed to be a gentle introduction to your skincare routine, while exfoliants do the heavy cleaning. Some people only need to cleanse, while others need both. Look for a cleanser with natural or minimal ingredients, and fragrance-free is a good bet as well.

2.Exfoliate: Exfoliating doesn’t mean using a gritty scrub every day – it simply means using a face wash with active cleansing ingredients. Look for a cleanser with either BHA or AHA exfoliating ingredients, depending on your skin type. Dry with a clean towel, and pat, don’t push!

3.Toner: Toners aren’t as necessary as they were back when face washes were made to be harsher, but they can still prep your skin for moisturizer and remove excess residue. Plus, it just feels fancy to dab it on with a cotton ball!

4.Acne Treatment: If you have an acne treatment prescribed by a dermatologist, this is when it should come into your routine. Use as directed.

5.Serum: Once you’ve applied your treatment, think about adding a serum to your skincare routine. A tiny drop of this stuff can pack a serious punch, providing you with extra ingredients that may not fit into your products elsewhere. Try out a Vitamin C serum to brighten up your complexion.

6.Moisturize: Arguably the most important step in your skincare routine, moisturizer protects your skin from environmental effects while allowing your skin to absorb ingredients all day & night. The ingredients you choose in a moisturizer end up being the most effective, so make sure they’re customized to your precise skin type.

7.SPF protection: A dedicated sunscreen is the key to long-term skincare. Don’t only use it one season per year! A good daily sunscreen won’t leave a white cast, feel greasy on the face, or smell like a tropical beach party. Try a few samples and see which one your skin likes best. Make sure it will mesh well with your makeup, since this step comes last.

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So there you have it! Do your steps in the proper order, pick the right ingredients, and avoid skincare myths like it’s your dayjob. What can you expect in return? Brighter, smoother, younger-looking skin, smaller pores, reduced redness, and total, overall skincare bliss. Happy updating!


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