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My obsession with getting make-up to last continues….ah Florida humidity, I will defy you I tell you! *Shakes fist at crazy ass storm* I now have 4 make-up setting sprays in my stash, with the latest being Urban Decay’s, De-Slick make-up setting spray. The first three, as you may remember, were bought as part of my Brides Guide for research purposes, of course. The last one was because, heck 3 is a crowd and well, lucky number 4 makes it a party… got my eye on the Urban Decay All night Make-up Setting spray too. If it’s gonna be a party, why not make it a good one. Am I right? Yep, I am probably going mad. Someone stop me buying setting sprays!

I had heard amazing things about the Urban Decay make-up setting sprays, and seeing as I’m a massive fan of the brand’s eye primer – eye potion, I rate the make-up fixing capabilities of the brand rather highly. Oh the pressure UD. DSC02405

As you can imagine, this setting spray was put to the ultimate test in the sticky, sweat producing, humid climate, of Florida in August. It’s the kind of weather that makes your make-up bead with sweat, before it’s even touched your skin. A tough job you see, but this spray is oil free *score* paraben free *bonus* and has temperature controlled technology *impressive / skeptical*

Following the handy little tutorial on the back of the packaging, I proceeded to sprtiz away in first an “X” and then a “T” motion, 8-10 inches away from my face. It’s advised you repeat this 2-4 times, but seeing as I only bought the travel size, I opted for the modest double spritz. I like the little tutorial which makes sure you thoroughly coat the entire face, and de-slick it, giving your make-up a fair chance of survival.

Bottom Line is: I like this a lot, it doesn’t sting, it’s mildly fresh scented, and most of all, it really does keep shine and oil at bay. Did I mention I’m also obsessed with shine, or rather the non existence of it. De-slick kept my make-up on well, although I think I want to take it to the next level and use this, then the UD All Nighter spray. Boom – mind blown. Now that’s gotta be a winning combination for ya. Yep…. there it is, I am officially mad. It’s the heat. “Hello, Urban Decay temperature control technology? Be a doll and turn it down ten degrees.”

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