The Urban Decay Eye Potion Dupe!?

The Urban Decay Eye Potion Dupe!?


It’s been an ongoing obsession battle to keep eye shadow on my lids. Perhaps it’s just because I have a bit of an oil slick face by nature and team that with moving to a hot and humid climate…..BOOM there’s almost no point spending all that time carefully creating a blended eye shadow look. That was my situation –  until I discovered the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion . It keeps your eyeshadow in place for hours and is literally the stuff make-up dreams are made of. For real.


My love of Urban Decay is quite a new affair, but It’s going strong. The only problem is that whilst it doesn’t break the bank per say, it’s not exactly a budget buy either, so I’m always on the look out for dupes – hopefully in the form of a cheaper alternative! That’s why I’m introducing you to the Loreal Magic  De-crease Eyelid Primer- retailing at around $8.99 –  it’s less than half the price of the Urban Decay offering at $20.


So, how does it compare? Well…

The colour: The Loreal version is a lot more peachy toned and would suit warmer skin colours much more than the original Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion ( UB does offer other colours though.) Still, it blends into the eyelid well, and doesn’t alter the colour of the eyeshadow that you’re applying.

Packaging:  My UD Eye Primer came free with my Urban Decay Naked palette so it normally wouldn’t have a wand ( as pictured above) the Loreal does have a wand which I like for easy application directly onto the eyelids.


How long does it last?  I would say that the Urban Decay Version can last a whopping 8ish hours. That’s tested out in the Florida heat people. The Loreal probably lasts half that time, coming in at around 4ish hours.

Which is better? If you don’t want to be using an expensive product on a daily basis I would opt for the Loreal version, but I would still always reach for the Urban Decay eyelid primer for a special occasion, and for times I really need my make-up to last. In reality the Urban Decay is better, but if cost is a big factor than the Loreal is a great alternative!

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