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Since I’ve been living in Florida, I’ve become obsessed with make-up products that ‘promise’ to make your make-up last all day, or at least break a sweat trying to do so. Goodness knows I do. You may remember I discussed the world of setting sprays in my Brides Guide –  if you missed it you can catch up  on your beauty reading here

I used to be the kinda gal that once my make-up was done for the day, that was that, and if I was a sweaty bare face chica by the end of it, well, that’s what I was. I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t like it. There was a time when I would lug copious amount of products in my bag for make-up touch ups, but then one day, my prized brand new Mac powder, fell out of my bag, and onto the London train tracks, but that’s a whole other (very sad) story. I digress.

I still try and only do my make-up once a day, so choosing hard working, sweat and humidity proof products are vital. Welcome to the world of primers. My current favorite  to keep your eyeshadow lasting all day is the Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion.


This product is amazing, if you want your eyeshadow to last all day. Forget powders or concealers on your lids, this is the holy grail of long lasting make-up. Believe me, I put this eyeshadow primer to the test on a sweltering, humid, summers day in Florida, and my eyeshadow did not budge.  It goes on with a slight concealer like color, but once gently patted and swept over the lid, it’s totally clear.

I suspected that the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion would be sticky and glue like, but it’s not even the tiniest bit tacky. It has a bit of a weird scent, but seeing as you’ll be putting this baby on your eyes, I’m sure the scent won’t bother you.

I love this, and it’s fast becoming my absolute summer staple. Goodbye my old make-up free face (by mid afternoon) Mad dogs and English men out in the mid day sun……. at least we’ll have eyeshadow that doesn’t budge:)

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