Valley Nails – The Sequel


I’ve developed a bit of a ritual that involves me, New York and nails. Valley Nails to be precise. Whenever I find myself in the Big Apple, I hot foot it down to this wonderful joint in the most beautiful hood ( the West Village) and partake in a little bit of Nail Art. The gals that work here, are just so incredibly talented, I make my pilgrimage so as to admire their amazing artistry skills. Then I gaze at the finished work on my own talons for weeks to come. It’s a beautiful thing. Oh yes, these ladies can create nail art with Gel polish ( which is the same thing as Shellac ) meaning that these beautiful masterpieces, that are often painstakingly painted on to each digit, will stay put for quite some time.

If you missed my original post about this wonderful nail bar, be sure to check it out here!I always promise myself that whenever I come here I will research some truly unique design, and thus know exactly what to ask for. With a little help from their ipad stocked full of photo inspiration,  ideas are quickly replaced with better ideas, and just when you thought you would come out with a polka dot nail, you’ve signed up for something else entirely. This is creativity at it’s best!

I opted for an Ombre nail master piece which was fascinating to see being applied. It started with the light base colour, and then Shriley carefully applied the darker colour layer by layer so as to achieve the perfect merging coloured result. Obviously I couldn’t resist a touch of glitter so I had a speck or two thrown on for good measure.IMG_4061

If you find yourself in New York, and you fancy yourself some nails that could resemble works of art, be sure to check out Valley Nails. If I lived in New York I would most certainly be a regular. My purse strings would hate me for it, but my nails would look oh so beautiful!

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