Valley Nails

Valley Nails

There’s a place in Manhattan, on Elizabeth Street to be precise, where nail dreams are made. Come here to unleash your nail art creativity, as there’s nothing these ladies can’t do. Want something completely complex, they’ll even call in a nail art specialist to make it happen.

As soon as I heard about Valley Nails my un-manicured finger, promptly speed dialed to make a mani/pedi appointment, with nail art obviously. You have to mention this when booking, so that they can allocate your artist enough time to make your creation happen. If you don’t, be prepared to be disappointed, as they’re booked up in here back to back, even on a week day.

The ladies are so lovely and friendly, and are all self taught nail artists. They learn through the clients, who bring in pictures of their nail art creations. They then hand paint anything you want on to your nails with the thinnest of brushes, and some artists acrylic paint, and seal it with gel under a LED light. That is where I fell in love. You can have your nail art as a gel manicure, so that you don’t pay lots of big bucks, only to have your wonderful creation chip off after a day or two. In London I’ve only seen nail art available using regular polish, so this was a real development for me.

Obviously the only difficult part about visiting Valley Nails is deciding on what design you’re going to get. With so much to choose from, and an iphone brimming with nail art creations, this is the tricky part. I eventually chose two hand painted nails, and the rest with a glitter enhancement. My nails are now impeccably pretty – the loveliest they have ever looked, in spite of my terrible cuticles. I might cry when it eventually comes off!

Valley Nails is stylishly urban and chic, and I wouldn’t expect any less on one of Manhattans loveliest streets. Lined with gorgeous boutiques, cafes, and more, beauty junkies can get there skin care fix at Aesop whilst browsing the streets many delights.

I love this place so much, I’ve already been thinking about what design to get when I’m next in New York. Some may call that sad, I just call it research!:)

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