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I’m slowly but surely working my way through the entire Victoria’s Secret body care collection. How can anyone resist when they always have such amazing offers, anyone know the; buy 6 products for $35? I’m quite familiar with it myself. Maybe you remember another of my VS love declaring ramblings? If not read it here!

My theory is, if I can’t look like a Victoria’s Secret Angel, then I can darn well smell like one- Alessandra and Miranda look out!


My current scent  obsession is the ‘Hello Darling’ white nectarine and peony. I love this in every form it comes in, but I’m currently spritzing on the fragrance mist, and the body butter. I’m no stranger to the double bonus effect of layering scents. If you don’t do this ladies, I thoroughly recommend it, to get the all day smell good factor.

I have incredibly dry skin, so I adore the super moisturizing benefits of this thick body cream. It’s much heavier than the body lotion, but will leave you smelling fruity and incredible, whilst giving you hours of moisture, especially on dry and rough areas.  Plus, this is great to massage into cellulite prone areas. After this, I love the fragrance mist for a light summer mist of scent. It’s much lighter than wearing perfume in summer, but still scented strongly enough to feel like you’re wearing some kind of scent. ‘Hello Darling’ is part of the VS fantasies range which contains aloe vera and calming chamomile, making this refreshingly wonderful.

I’ll definitely be trying the new Victoria’s Secret ‘perfect body range’ next time I’m lured in. Operation angel body is under way about this time of year…. and if it doesn’t quite *ehm* happen, I’ll be buffed, spritzed and exfoliated to rival any lovely with wings!

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  • Svetlana L

    i’ve tried this one 🙂 Thanks for review