Voucher Shopping!!

As you may have read yesterday, I asked for quite a few vouchers from Space NK for Christmas, hoping to get a crazy haul of beauty goodies in the sale. I must confess *coughs* I normally am Mrs anti sales *gasp!* – I’ll be honest I really don’t like them. My thoughts are: sales make you loose your sense of judgement, and you leave the stores a little bruised from all the craziess shoving for the bargains, bags stuffed with things you will probably never wear, are too small, or just not needed. Simples. I never thought of beauty sale shopping before though. This I thought, could be something interesting.

I’m guessing it’s because I hit the stores a day after the sale began, but in my opinion there really weren’t any beauty goodies worth buying. Was almost convinced to buy a number of lipsticks in questionable shades, due to sale haziness but thankfully I regained my sense of shopping saviness before I hit the till.

As much as I wanted to loot Space NK for all the bargains, I sensibly left with a couple of thought out choices instead. I even bought my first Diptyque candle. It was a proud day indeed!

Here’s a round up of my voucher shopping:

Did you get any bargains in the sales?

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