The Week

Okay so it’s officially the second full week of the year, but the fist ‘The Week’ on Fluttering Lashes 2015. I’m starting to realize I’m not jetting back to sunnier climes any time soon and I have to admit, the abandoned Christmas trees’ on the streets have left me feeling a little bit blue. So what’s a girl to do? Dream of exotic trips, go to see as many movies as possible – and if you’re me, book a juice cleanse. Yeah, I’m doing a typical January detox next week! I’ll admit, I’m scared, but the details will be documented on here soon! Hope you had a wonderful week and I’m off to guzzle wine while I still can.

STYLE CRUSHING: Ideas for my new flat! I guess when you’re surrounded by boxes, looking at well organised spaces is pretty appealing. I literally love this idea for a family check in station. I seriously want to get out my paints and have a go! Then there’s the black hole that is under the bed – these ideas for how to maximise your space will help you out!

THE WATCH LIST: Last night I went to see the movie The Theory of Everything. If you haven’t seen it yet it’s absolutely incredible. What a sad yet incredibly inspiring story about Stephen Hawking’s life story.  I think a few Oscars are in the works for this beautiful offering.

SKIN CARE CRAVING: I’ve got my eye on the Emma Hardie amazing face Moringa Cleansing Balm. I haven’t tried it out yet, but I know that so many people rave about this beauty balm. I think my parched winter skin would love it!

GLITTER SILLINESS: This website made my laugh so much. Got someone that’s on your naughty list right now, maybe this glittery package would do the trick!

WANDER-LUSTING: Okay, so I’m blaming Brooke from World of Wanderlust for my epic case of itchy feet right now. This is one inspiring girl that makes me want to pack a bag and travel the world! Be warned, you will get lost in this beautiful travel blog for hours!


Happy Friday!

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