The Week

This week has been a bit of a blur. What with hunger pangs, juice guzzling and dreaming of every type of food under the sun, there’s not that much that’s happened! I did go and see Wild at theĀ  Electric Cinema – if you haven’t been here you must go! It’s the most luxurious cinema with cashmere blankets, food & drinks ( which were hard to resist on the cleanse) the most comfortable chairs and cute little lamps. Can you tell I love this place? I also went to a great session for aspiring journalists and bloggers which is open to all those with a passion for the written word! It’s run by the power house team that make up About Time Magazine and you check it out by following the link. Besides the pearls of wisdom, I also loved the food – lunch was from Leon and the snacks were Bounce Balls. Delish. On my that note I’m about to starve post cleanse, so I’m off to forage for food. Forgive me.

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