The Week

I hope you’re not snowed in as you read this. I know that it’s been pretty Arctic just about everywhere and being a winter wimp ( I miss the Florida heat!) I’ve been moaning – and on the hunt for more coats – constantly. This weekend is all about catching up with friends and eating. Standard.

Healthy Eats: This week I’ve been loving trying out all the healthy food offerings in London. Nama in Notting Hill was just amazing at offering up vegan, gluten free, raw food that’s not heated beyond a certain temperature, to preserve all the nutrients. I know. Pretty impressive (and oh so tasty) stuff! I also stuffed my face at one of my other favourite healthy eating joints in London the Good Life – and yeah, it’s real good. I recommend the Goodness Bowl. Delish.

Watching: Gone Girl. I didn’t read the book and I’m quite glad as I normally get disappointed with book to movie transitions. Great film for the most part and although I don’t want to give you any spoilers I wish I could re-write the ending. Seriously.

Link Up: If you’re a blogger and fancy linking up with other bloggers there’s a fab link up you can be part of here. I’m personally going to join in the fun!

Have a lovely weekend!




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