The Week

I stopped doing ‘the week’ a little while ago as I thought that maybe it was a bit boring, but then I realised it’s one of the only opportunities to catch up and I a little birdie told me that some of you actually enjoyed all my countless pictures of sushi and chihuahuas….. who knew!  So here it is – I’m bringing back ‘The Week’ from here onwards! Just prepare yourself there will be A LOT of sushi pictures.

So for starters I should explain my absence as of late. I’m never normally so ‘away’ from my blog – it’s very strange for me. For those of you who read this blog regularly, you’ll know I’m from London UK, then I moved to Florida and now I’m currently back in the UK! It’s a been quite the whirlwind adventure and I’m sure I’ll blog more on that soon, but until then I just want to say that – I’m back and adjusting to busy London life again. I’m finding that my ‘savy’ Londoner skills are somewhat lacking these days. Who knew you had to book a month in advance for a birthday dinner (yep, yours truly got another year older yesterday) that I could get lost in my own city and take cabs on a Saturday night only to sit in SO MUCH traffic. What an amateur! So, I’m getting my city on. Slowly but surely. Look out London, I’m going to discover all your hidden gems again but one city slick gal!

Hope you had a lovely weekend!

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