WEN: Changing the world one head at a time….

wenAccording to Wen, “friends don’t let friends use shampoo,” and thanks to my friend buying me this revolutionary product for me bday *shout out*, I’m releasing my monkey like grip on the usual foamy stuff, and going for this natural version instead. Now, when it comes to natural, organic cosmetic  products…( pick a word that you could imagine being used to describe a farm) and you’re there – I’m a little skeptical. As you can probably tell. When it comes to Wen, simply put, you can’t argue with the facts.

The hair care, and now body care range, Wen, was developed by Chaz Dean, who was a hairstylist for many years, before he started developing these products. All to often Chaz saw his clients hair deteriorate because of the harsh lathering detergents, sodium lauryl/ lauret sulfates that are found in most shampoos. These ‘nasties’ are responsible for causing hair to become frizzy, dry, loose color, become dull, lifeless, oily – basically everything you wouldn’t want your hair to be. So he created a range of products without these ingredients, that would be better for your hair and the environment in general. Like I said before, you just can’t argue with that.DSC03781

Admittedly, when you first use this it’s weird, like really weird to be ‘washing’ your hair and have no bubbles or foam appear. It honestly feels like you are trying to wash your locks with body cream, but after several pumps of Wen, and a thorough scalp massage and rinse, somehow it cleans your hair, and leaves it moisturized at that! I was really anxious I would have the greasiest tresses in town, but no… they were silky soft, clean and definitely less frizzy. Which for me, is a massive result.

I have the Summer Mango Coconut Cleansing Conditioner ( which is also the Shampoo) this is a two in one product – and it smells heavenly. My hair smells like a combination of summer cocktails, and beaches in the Caribbean. Oh Em Gee, it smells good. I’m now that weird girl who can be seen sniffing her hair. A lot.

I’m not entirely sure about the product catalog that comes with this. I think that if the Twilight Vampires brought out a range of hair products, this is what their catalog would look like. It makes for a very interesting flick through though! It’s a strange one but it good, and I’m helping the environment by washing my hair. Good deed done.

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