What’s In My Beach Bag?!


Thankfully living in Florida means that Summer doesn’t really end. Ever. Except for a week in December… but who’s counting! So, this year with a couple of trips to the beach and a few awesome pool days – yeah I gotta pool, jealous? *wink!* I’ve somewhat perfected the beach / poolside / back garden / sun lovers bag… These are the essentials!

The Bag: So firstly, you’ve got to get yourself a good beach bag. I like having at least two. One that’s more neutral and can go with lots of things, and the second that’s very ‘seaside.’ Nautical stripes are always a winner! I got this lovely blue and white stripped one from Forever 21.


DSC04437 DSC04438

The Cover  Up: Next up is some head gear. I just had my hair cut ridiculously short, so creating cool ‘beachy’ hair just isn’t working for me these days. So instead, I have to wear it up a lot and cover it up even more. I grabbed this hat from Target that will work with any colour bikini and also this head band. I love head bands as it instantly adds some style to your look and covers up a multitude of hair sins. This one is retro inspired and I bought it at Forever 21.


The Protection:I recently bought a great plastic cosmetics bag from Victoria Secret to house all my sun creams. Sand, sun cream and beach bags don’t mix well, so I always try and separate them. Unless you’re after a goopy sandy mess at the bottom of your bag! I always pack a lip balm and I’m currently reaching for Baby Lips Sunscreen.

My current face sunscreens of choice are Super Goop City Sunscreen , that’s light, non greasy and won’t make you break out. Next up I’ve been loving La Roche – Posay sunscreen. Again this is very light but offers great protection. I always go for the highest sunscreen possible. You can always fake a tan but once the sun has aged your skin, there’s no going back!

For the body I reach for a water resistant spray sunscreen as it’s just SO EASY. I’m currently a fan of Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist. I use this almost every day. Even if I’m only popping out to walk the dogs.

So I don’t look like a greasy mess after all those lotions – I powder my face with Shiseido UV Protective Compact Foundation. I would never use this solely as a foundation as to me it’s way to cakey and thick – but to lightly blot away shine, it works well, and also has sunscreen which is a bonus!

The Reads: Naturally I bring a little light reading and that comes in the form of Allure magazine. The beauty junkies enabler. For something with more of a story line, I’m going to be reading Reflection by Diane Chamberlain – as recommended by Lily Pebbles.

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  • Is it terrible that I haven’t been to the beach in 3 years? Classic landlocked Canadian, I guess. Your pictures are super cute. Florida life seems divine!

    • annarach

      Thanks Audrey!! It’s pretty steamy here most of the year and terrible for the hair… so it’s not all good – lol! Thanks for reading!