What’s in my Birchbox #February


It’s that time, it’s that time! Every month I get a miniature beauty fix and it’s name my friends is Birchbox. I’m sure you’re all ‘beauty box’ veterans, but for those not so ehm, how shall I put this? Enthusiastic? *Obsessed* Beauty boxes are magical things, that arrive at your door once a month, laden with sample size goodies. I sometimes film a You Tube video to document the wonder of it all!

DSC03802 DSC03795 DSC03797
That being said, some months are rather blah, and really don’t have anything much exciting to report. Sadly February was one of these, and I guess that’s because January rocked it so damn hard, February didn’t have a chance. If you’re intrigued by the sound of January (who wouldn’t be!?) then you can re-cap with my video here!

So on to February, you disappointment you. Just kidding it wasn’t all bad, we did receive one thing that I thought was super intriguing and that was the 32 Oral Care – Effervescent Breath Crystals with IsoVoxy. Now, these small packets are breath freshening crystals that attack unpleasant odors for a ‘cool clean feel’ – as a garlic lover, I can officially say that this product had me at hello. I absolutely love these, they pop in your mouth like popping candy, and leave your breath super fresh. Its a minty fresh explosion of fun!DSC03800We also got a mini hot pink nail polish by Ruby Wing in Kitten Heels which I now read changes colors in the sun. OK, that’s pretty cool. A mini Juicy Couture La La Malibu mini perfumeboring, and a teeny tiny Beauty Protector, protect & Oil  to protect hair from UV damage and heat – OK but so small.  Finally a Dr Brandt – Pores No More – pore refiner, which is apparently a celeb favorite. We’ll see.DSC03801

I always feel a little disappointed in Birchbox when they don’t include anything in the box that’s a decent size, or at least a fun size product. That’s the gamble you make though when you buy into beauty boxes I suppose. I do love all my mini products – they are a travelers best friend – but sometimes, just sometimes you will be disappointed… #beautybloggerproblems

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