What’s up?!! My week in pictures # 6

So…. I feel like I owe you guys a huge apology. I have almost disappeared from the blogging scene as of last week, but I have a / couple of very good excuses!
Firstly – I am moving to America in January – crazy? yes. Exciting? hell yes!
Secondly – As I am writing this…. I am on my HONEYMOON!! In the Maldives!!!!!!

Therefore, my bad. It has been a truly hectic week, filled with highs and lows.

So please accept my apologies for my very delayed # my week in pictures 6. I did ton’s of fun stuff before the move and packing to the Maldives, including an amazing sewing class with my mum, where we made Mr’s Claus Pinny’s! So cute, and so Christmassy!!! If you live in London and are interested in sewing definitely check out Saturdaysewingsessions.com

I hope you all had a truly amazing week. Although I’m on my Honeymoon, I won’t abandon you guys – promise.

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