Who’s that Hairy Lady?!

Let’s address the yeti  in the room here, most of us are Hairy Maclarey, and whether we like to admit it or not, we all got it, and it ain’t pretty. I’m guessing that unless you like to rock the Julie Roberts at the Oscars look, (not cool) you’ll want to get rid of the fuzz. Thankfully for us, there are SO many products on the market to choose from, while the sun hots up and the skin comes out.


Permanent hair removal is obviously the holy grail of her removal methods, but sadly its super expensive, often painful, and takes many sessions to acutally get rid of the hair. Even after all of that it can’t give you 100% permanent results, as everyone hair reacts differently. So the best option after Laser is always:

  • waxing as it pulls the hair from the root so when the hairs grow back they are weaker, finer, and of all the hair removal methods, this will leave you hair free the longest. It does get less painful the more you wax! If you can’t get yourself to a salon for a professional wax, the at home ready made wax strips are great. These are essential to take on holiday, to tidy up the bikini line, should you need to. Remember, never attempt to wax your entire bikini area yourself – leave that to the pros!:)  The small Sally Hansen hair removal strips are perfect for the *ehm* upper lip – did someone say mustache? The at home hot wax is also effective, but it’s very messy, and easy to burn yourself. Ouch. Plus, if you’re a total mess at DIY  things like me, you’ll end up with your chihuahua trying to eat the stuff, and then the entire thing leaking out into a box of your favorite beauty products. That may have happened. If you’re going to try this method, always read the directions!DSC01955
  • Hair removal cream is quick and effective, and far less messy than waxing, when used on your legs, but obviously not as kind to the skin as it contains a many more bad ingredients. I used the Nair Spa Clay Body Cream which you apply before you get into the shower. You then leave it on for no longer than 10 minutes, and remove it with the sponge they provide. Don’t be fooled (like I was) into thinking the Mango and Berries on the front of the packaging will make it smell nice. It doesn’t. It’s just as potent as any other hair removal cream, and leaves your skin almost squeaky after, but fuzz free. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it leaves hair stubble free for over a week. Make sure you moisturize lots after using this product as it can dry your legs out.  Always do a patch test, as all skin is different!DSC01954
  • Creme Bleach is used to lighten dark hair. It won’t remove anything, but it will make hair less obvious as it will be lighter. You use this by combing the cream with the activator powder in specific amounts listed on the instructions. You can also use this on your eyebrows, if they’re super dark, and your hair (on you head) is very light. This is great for the face and hairline . Let’s face it though no mustache is always better than a blonde mustache. Just sayin.DSC01956
  • The Razor a classic of the hair removal A-team. Razors obviously cut the hair which makes them stronger, and grow back quicker, but is often the most convenient, cost effective and mess free method.  I just bought the new Gillette Venus & Olay  5 blade Sugarberry scented razor. This is supposed to help gently exfoliate, which I’m not entirely sure it does, and also help replenish skin’s moisture – that, it’s great at. At either side of the blade there is a Sugarberry scented moisture bar, which is lovely and really does leave a fruity scent, leaving your legs soft and smooth. I like.DSC01953

For the eyebrows, I only ever recommend Threading, and if you’re in the London area or New York, Blink is by far the best place to get this done.
Now I have to try and pluck my moisturizer out of a box of melted hot wax. Nice. Hairy Lady out.

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