Winter Moisturising Essentials

It’s officially cold now in London, and with cold weather, comes dry, chapped, and flaky skin – lovely! If you have particularly dry skin like me, I’m sure you moisturise all year round, and not just during the winter months, but even if you don’t it’s never too late to get silky smooth!

Here are some pictures, and descriptions of my top winter moisturising essentials.

For a soft bod: I have never found a more moisturising cream than Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula it smooths marks, tones skin and leaves skin lovely and soft.

For super soft hands: Try Garnier Instensive 7 day hand cream it’s perfect for dry rough hands, and preventing them too. With a fruity mango smell, it won’t be hard to keep putting this on.

For a soft face: My new favourite product has to be Argan oil – it’s highly rich in vitamin C, is anti aging, and is packed with protective antioxidants. Pat this on a freshly cleansed face, and you will be glowing this winter. You can buy this in any health food shop, and I’m sure in boots too ( I just haven’t looked for it there)

For kissably soft lips: Apply Cherry Carmex, moisturising lip balm – it  works really quickly, and you can apply this as often as needed – with lips this soft, you’ll soon be looking for the mistletoe!

For Lips that like something sweet: You will love Vaseline‘s lip therapy in Cocoa Butter. It’s really smooth, and super moisturising, as well as smelling good enough to eat.

For seriously dry cuticles: Massage Rose and Co hand and nail treatment salve in Rose and Glycerine. It smells amazing, isn’t too greasy, and will get rid of those dry cuticles, and hands in no time. The packaging is also very retro chic, and so very pretty on your dressing table or desk. Check out there website

Now roll on snow! We’re ready for you!

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