Wish List Time!


As a professional copywriter by day and a blogger by night… living in America but being from the UK, and writing for a few different countries on a daily basis – my spelling and vocabulary is conflicted, to say the least. So, in the spirit of the good US of A – this is my ‘Fall’ wish list – otherwise known as autumn! I still can’t bring myself to compliment someone on their ‘pants’ but hey ho – baby steps.

The mornings are darker and the evenings too, which means a wardrobe and make-up transition people! After all – the lighting should always be considered when thinking about make-up. So if like me, you can’t quite face jumping into dark colours just yet, but corals don’t seem to be seasonally appropriate then embrace the grays, the nudes and the berry shades. Those are my colour choices for the new season and I can’t get enough.

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  • Great list! I’ve had my eye on the NARS Ita brush for some time, this one looks nice too! Curious, what do you call pants?! lol 🙂

  • It’s kind of funny, because all of these are on my fall list, too. I’ve actually found a gray polish I like, but I’m still shopping around for the rest.

  • Michelle

    Of course that bag is Kate Spade–it’s spectacular!

  • someluckydog

    I love Kate Spade and that bag is fabulous. I don’t have one in gray, so I think I need this!
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  • Alina

    The bag is stunning!

  • Jenn Erin L

    I love anything Kate Spade and that bag is no exception! Love it!