Work Face.


When you have to wake up early to get to work, compromises are made. Breakfast? No breakfast? It is the most important meal of the day! Or, who fancies an extra five minutes in bed, while you swot at the snooze button in a desperate attempt to wallow in relaxation. Guilty. Basically, I’ve learned a few things that I wanted to share with you, and that is why this post is called work face. It’s not a plan, its not even a ‘how to’ guide. This my friends is a guilty admission, and a little documentation of the epic fails I’ve made when it comes to pre-work beauty. Oh dear.

Don’t go for a BB cream! Don’t get me wrong, BB creams have their place in the make-up stakes, but when it comes to all day longevity they just don’t cut it. If I use a BB cream in the morning, I’m blotchy and almost bare faced by the end of the day. That’s what air con and being inside all day will do! I’ve been carrying a powder and make-up brush to amend the situation, and keep shine at bay, but a new (long lasting) foundation purchase is on the cards.

Eyebrows take forever! I didn’t really realize this before I had time constraints, and had to be out the door and ready by a specific time. Oh the pressure. It doesn’t help that my brows are sparse, so even though drawing them on takes a while. it has to be done. I’ve just ditched the Anastasia stencils for work days and gone for just filling in the sparse areas quickly. As long as I get a semi decent shape, it’s not too tragic.

Don’t reach for shimmer or glitter! Now I am massively guilt of this, as the shimmery shades are my weekend go to, but they do require careful application to avoid fall out, and disco ball face. When you’re in a rush, go for matte neutrals. You can’t go wrong.

Get Organized! If like me you have copious amounts of make-up, sifting through an endless array of shadows, blushes, and lipsticks is far from ideal, and a massive time waster in the morning. Get a ‘work face’ make-up bag, and keep all the bits you will need in the morning in it. This should be a signature tried and tested look. I’m working on this, and once I’ve perfected my work face I’ll show y’all what it consists of.

Pack the make-up! If you are really strapped for time, grab some instant ‘beautifiers’ and pop them in your hand bag. A lipstick, an eyeliner, or blush to brighten the face can be applied later on in the day, when you’re not so rushed.

Invest in a dry shampoo! Now this one is a no brainier. Simply put, you need this.
Monday morning, I’m ready for ya! Just five more minutes…

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  • Madeline Rose

    It is always so hard for me to wake up and put on makeup. When I’m really strapped for time, I just go with concealer, eye-liner, and mascara to make me look a bit more awake.

    Madeline | Ring-a-Round a
    | Bloglovin’

    • annarach

      So so difficult, I hear you! I just feel sorry for the people I work with! ha ha!