$202 million loss – Kyrie Irving refuses to play basketball due to vaccination

June 13, 2021. At that time, Kyrie Irving last appeared on the site in the form of Brooklyn. This was the fourth game in the second round of the NBA playoffs. Brooklyn then lost on the road, allowing Milwaukee to tie the series. Then he went on and lost in the seventh game of the series. Kyrie Irving did not play in these matches due to an ankle injury.

But in the new season, the defender is still not playing for Brooklyn. It is not an injury. Because of the refusal to vaccinate against the Corona virus.

It is worth noting who should not be vaccinated against the Corona virus: an explanation from the Ministry of Health

New York authorities have decided to ban unvaccinated people from attending sporting events. This rule also applies to athletes who participate in competitions. In order to play in Brooklyn, basketball players had to get the necessary vaccinations. And they all did. Except for Kyrie Irving.

Thus, the basketball player is forced to miss the team’s home matches. But Brooklyn decided not to stop there, and removed the player from training with the team. Because of this, he will not get the $16 million stipulated in the contract. His gross salary is $35 million per season. The basketball player will still get paid for skipping games, as he was suspended by the club’s decision. But he will not be paid for matches at home, because the player will miss them not because of the club’s decision, but because of the refusal to comply with the decisions of local authorities and the violation of security protocols.

Another $186 million could be earned by Irving by signing a contract at the end of the season. But now Brooklyn is unlikely to be willing to offer him a new deal. They have already left the negotiation process. So the total amount the basketball player is willing to donate is $202 million.

Kyrie Irving and conspiracy theories

Kyrie Irving actively participates in social processes. However, his thoughts on this sometimes caused some surprise.

In 2017, while participating in a podcast, he mentioned that the Earth is flat. And those who believe otherwise, are called victims of the poor education system in the United States. For these statements Irving was subjected to considerable criticism.

In 2020, the United States was shocked by the assassination of George Floyd. This has been exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic, which has greatly affected the normal rhythm of life. And when the National Basketball Association decided to end the off-season in so-called “bubbles,” Irving was one of those who opposed it. He encouraged the rest of the players to drop the bids. At the time, he was widely accused of racism.

He is also credited with supporting the idea of ​​a “supercomputer created to enslave blacks”. All because the basketball player has subscribed to the social networking sites of a conspiracy theorist, who makes similar statements about secret societies that plant vaccines to connect black people to a supercomputer in the name of “Devil’s plan.” And puts bad words under it.

Is Kyrie Irving an anti-vaccine?

However, there are no direct statements from Kyrie Irving against vaccination. Although on September 15, everyone was puzzled again when Posted a post that “his mask has been removed”, and now the rest must also remove the mask without fear. He later added that it was about being honest, not hiding behind a mask of lies, and that it had nothing to do with quarantine restrictions.

The athlete explains his reluctance to vaccinate by the fact that in this way he supports people who have lost their jobs due to quarantine restrictions and therefore cannot earn a living.

And the basketball player has a lot of supporters for his position. On the eve of the first game at Brooklyn Stadium of the new NBA season on October 24, a large group of protesters came to the Barclays Center. They demanded two things – a mandatory vaccination waiver to work (without a vaccine mandate) and a chance for Keri Irving to play in Brooklyn again (let Kerry play). The protesters tried to storm the sports center but failed.

As of now, Kyrie Irving is not playing and must keep fit at home. On October 29, he published a new post on social networks – “Time will tell.”

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