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LeBron James - captain of one of the teams (Photo: Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports)

LeBron James – captain of one of the teams (Photo: Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports)

Los Angeles Lakers basketball player LeBron James and Brooklyn Nets player Kevin Durant have decided to pick their squads for the 2022 NBA All-Star Game.

This was reported by the official website of the National Basketball Association.

LeBron’s starting line-up included: Yannis Adetokonpo (Milwaukee) Stephen Curry (Golden State), Nikola Jokic (Denver) and DeMar DeRozan (Chicago).

Substitutes: Jimmy Butler (Miami), Luka Doncic (Dallas), Darius Garland (Cleveland), Chris Paul (Phoenix), Donovan Mitchell (Utah), Fred Vanfleet (Toronto) and James Harden, who will soon move from Brooklyn to Philadelphia.

Durant participated in the main five in the team that will not participate in the match due to injury, and they are: Joel Embassied (Philadelphia), JA Morient (Memphis), Trey Young (Atlanta), Jason Tatum (Boston) and Andrew Wiggins (Golden State).

Alternatives: lamillo ball (Charlotte), Devin Booker (Phoenix), Rudy Gober (Utah), Zack Lavigne (Chicago), Chris Middleton (Milwaukee), Degonte Murray (San Antonio) and Karl Anthony Towns (Minnesota).

The NBA All-Star Game will take place on February 20 in Cleveland.

Last year, James and Durant also met at the NBA All-Star Game. Then the LeBron team won with a score of 170:150.

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