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The corpse was taken out of the water by local residents.

On June 28, at about 4:00 pm, a 51-year-old man drowned in a local pond in the village of Mykhalyn, Bereznivska TG, Rivne region.

Since the beginning of the year, 14 people have drowned in the Rivne region, according to the Rivne region’s state emergency service.

Due to the number of emergencies on the tanks, lifeguards in the Rivne region are reminded of the need to comply with the rules of safe behavior on the water.


• Remember – you can relax and swim only on specially equipped beaches;
• do not dive into unfamiliar places;
• do not leave children unattended near water and do not allow them to visit local ponds and rivers on their own;
• Don’t swim too far. do not swim alone, especially if you are not sure of your abilities;
• Do not enter the water drunk.
• Do not approach ships, boats and boats passing by you;
• the water temperature should not fall below +17 ° C;
• swimming in the water for no more than 20 minutes, this time should increase gradually, starting from 3-5 minutes;
• Follow storm warnings and do not sail in boats with strong winds.

In the event of an emergency, call the rescue service immediately at 101!

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