A woman about to drown in a pond in Lutsk

In the Teremnivsky Pond in Lutsk, lifeguards rescued a woman.

The woman was given first aid. This was stated in the letter on the page of the main directorate of the SES in the Volyn region.

An old woman came to rest at the pond at noon. Soon, when she got into the water, she felt bad, fainted and began to sink tens of meters from the shore.

Vacationers tried to help the victim, and at the same time rescuers rushed to her rescue. Victor Lachuk, Denis Timoshuk And the Maxim Baziukwho were on duty at a nearby rescue site. They reached the victim and took her ashore. The woman was unconscious, not breathing, her heartbeat was not audible.

Denis Timoshuk called a medical team and joined his colleagues who had already begun to provide first aid to the victim on the beach. Rescuers performed indirect heart massage and artificial lung ventilation with the help of an AMBU portable ventilator. In about 10 minutes they managed to “start” the drowning woman’s heart and the woman began to breathe. Rescuers then handed the rescued woman over to paramedics, who arrived on call.

As you know, the bathing season in the city began on June 1 and will continue until August 31. In Lutsk, two beaches with rescue points have been created – in the Central Park of Culture and Recreation and in the Teremnivska Reservoir. Rescue centers in the regional center are operated by the Lutsk City Council.

Lifeguards urge citizens to choose places of recreation on specially prepared waters and to follow safety rules when swimming.

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