Aliyev threatens Ordets because of the war in Ukraine – football news

Former Dynamo player Oleksandr Aliyev is angry that Ivan Ordets has ignored the war against his homeland.

Alexander Aliyev walked hard on Ivan Orts

Alexander Aliyev walked hard on Ivan Orts

Russia’s war against our country united footballers around helping the country. At the same time, there are sad athletes who decided to deepen their tongues and stay “out of politics.”

Perhaps the most prominent example is the record holder of the Ukrainian national team in the number of matches by Anatoly Timoshuk. Ivan Ordets, a football player for Dinamo Moscow, decided to follow suit.

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Recently, the defender got into a scandal, having fun at the company party during the war. This situation angered his former partner from the Ukrainian national team, Oleksandr Aliyev.

“He will come here – I will cut off his head, I will tell him right away. To the matter – immediately. I don’t think I just want, but many want. And Andryukha wants Bogdanov. When the season in Russia is over, this eccentric sits and frolics at corporate parties. What are you You bastard, why did you come here?

You played for the country, and now you are sitting in Moscow and enjoying when our people die. When there is no city in Volnovaka where I was born. She just got crushed! He sits, has fun, and rejoices at the end of the season he has.

I say right away. Let him come, I’ll rip his head off at once, stranger. He only thinks of money. Didn’t you win in Shakhtar and Dinamo Moscow? But you help people here, in Bucha, in Irben, in Volnovakha. ”

It is reported that since the beginning of the war, Aliyev, a native of Khabarovsk, joined the ranks of the terrorist defense and went to defend his new homeland with weapons in his hands. Earlier, the former Dynamo player walked hard on Timoshuk.

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