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Russian “activists” are upset by the pro-Ukraine stance of former Ufa footballer Oleksandr Zinchenko.

In Ufa they want to remove the Zinchenko flag

In Ufa they want to remove the Zinchenko flag / Photo: Collage: Today

Oleksandr Zinchenko, player of the national team of Ukraine and Manchester City, actively helps his homeland in resisting Russian aggression. The footballer publicly called on the world to stop the terrorist state and even help raise funds for Bayraktar.

Russian “activists” did not like this pro-Ukrainian position. In the city of Ufa, Ruslan Baderitdinov, who represents the general movement Chista Chernikivka, called for the banner with the image of Zinchenko to be removed from the stadium.

The anonymous activist wrote: “We call on the public movement Chista Chernykivka to remove the banner of Ukrainian citizen Oleksandr Zinchenko from the FC Ufa stadium. Otherwise, we will have to apply to the relevant authorities to explain the position of FC Ufa.” Instagram.

But this does not seem enough to Badreddinov and he recorded a video. In it, he complained that the Ukrainian footballer “oppresses and criticizes” the Russians.

“We all know what publications and social work to suppress and criticize the Russian Federation he does in social networks with his wife. It was Ufa who made Alexander a great player, and not some former Shakhtar there, where he was not even a member. ”- Badretdinov declared.

It should be noted that the activist’s comments are not very supportive.

  • “Uncle, everyone is so bad. Zinchenko doesn’t even know you exist, what do you want to achieve?”
  • “Are you really serious about this? What’s on your mind?”
  • “Take a sweatshirt in your hands and go clean the shit from the streets, and the general grandfather, blew the black man in the filth, and got to the poster. Zina did more to Ufa than you and all the skinheads of Lenin did.?”

We will mention that Zinchenko worked for Ufa from 2015 to 2016. The Ukrainian played 33 matches for the Russian club and scored two goals.

In July 2016, Zinchenko moved to Manchester City for 2 million euros.

Zinchenko is ready to take a step towards the Champions League final

Zinchenko is ready to take a step towards the Champions League final

Earlier, we told how Russian propaganda found a new horror story for the people of Mordor. The racists found Zinchenko’s signature on the basis of the Azov Regiment.

Alexander Zinchenko and his autograph

Alexander Zinchenko and his autograph / Photo: Reuters, Twitter, Collage: Today

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